Weekly Recap #1

When I decided to restart this blog, I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to do something like a weekly vlog (but like….lets be real…I’m not made to talk to a camera) and therefore “weekly recap” was born. I do plan on doing something at the end of the months thought; but that’s more like a recap of pages read, genres, and things like that. Anyways….

Books read this week:

Emma: I technically finished this on Friday of last week, but I’m also going to throw it into this weekly recap. All I have to say is if English started with Emma for their Jane Austen unit, I would’ve been more likely to read. Just sayin’. I’m also not doing reviews for classics right now, but like for my books for grad school still going to include them.

Sorcery of Thorns: I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book, and if you saw this tweet, then you kind of know I’m still trying to figure out all my thoughts about it for the review I have coming soon.

Salvage the Bones: I’m currently reading this for my grad class. I tend not to talk much about the books I’m reading for class, but I do count them towards my reading goal and monthly goals. I mean, might as well try to knock out more goals if I’m going to read for school, right?

Well Met: I just finished this book on Thursday! I can safely say that there hasn’t been a book in a long time that has made me cry one page and turn around to me laughing out on the next! It was exactly what I needed without knowing that it was what I needed.

Skyward: This is my first Brandon Sanderson. I’ll just leave it at that or you know pray for me….

*I will post reviews links on I get reviews up on these books. Since Monday are dubbed review days, it will be a couple of weeks before they are up.*

Shows I’ve Been Watching:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I’m currently in my binge of this show and only on season three, but…………am I allowed to be mad from the fact that it took me so long to finally watch it?! I’m asking for a friend who uses all the gifs and had no idea which episodes it comes from. If you’ve seen the show, tell which character you think you are? I’m feeling like I’m a mixture between Jake and Amy, but mostly Jake.

Youtubers I’ve Been Watching:

Songs I’ve Been Loving:

I made a reading playlist on spotify that has kind of taken over my life right now. 300 songs with 13.5 hours of musics, and combined with movie scores, lo-fi study beats and rain/thunderstorm. Ugh, the best thing ever when I need to focus on reading, class or work.

Instagram post:

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