Meet Cute

TITLE: Meet Cute
AUTHOR: Helena Hunting
READ DATE: August 10, 2019 to August 13, 2019
RATING: ★★★★★ // 5

You guys….you guys. I don’t even know where to start with this book. Not only did I fly through it in two and a half days. Lets be I started it super late on the 10th of August and probably read 25 pages, but then the next two days I read well over 100 pages each day.

I could NOT get enough of Daxton, Kailyn and Emme. Oh my heart is so freaking full and I LOVE IT!

Before I gush about it way too much and refuse to stop, lets break everything down that I loved and disliked about this book.

Things I loved:

The Start. Hunting knew exactly what she was doing when she made THAT scene her first chapter. Yes, it did happen to speak to every single fangirl out there, and it worked. You are totally lying to yourself if you say you haven’t wonder what it would be like to run into your celebrity crush and literally “crash” into him. I was hooked.

Kailyn. She is literally all of us when A.) we are around our crush in general and B.) when we are around our celebrity crush. But she is also overly stubborn, strong-willed, and loves to help people more than she is willing to admit. I clicked with Kailyn right away. Her big heart and the way she takes on things that are closest to her only made me love her even more. Even her motivate behind not liking Daxton at first totally made sense, cause it was the most logical thing for how she dealing with Emme’s trust.

Daxton. Wrap this cinnamon roll boy up in bubble wrap and protect him. Not that he really needs it, but you know what….I still stand by that saying. For someone who had to take on the “single dad” life super fast, I was glad it was in character. He was struggling with the ways to handle his younger sister and wanting to still have his life to realizing that changes needed to be made and dreams change along the way. The way he talked about Emme and Kailyn made my heart burst with so much joy. Actually, the way he talked about anyone he cared for made me so freaking happy. Ugh…he’s not perfect, but he’s pretty close.

The romance. IT WAS PERFECT. Okay, maybe not like textbook perfect to be honest. But still. The build was there. The chemistry was there. The argument made sense to the story and not something just thrown in. Everything about it made me so happy and my heart so big. Even when it all came crashing down, there was still some hope. And maybe that’s what made it so perfect….you were constantly rooting for Dax and Kailyn all the time. It didn’t matter what the other thought or how things were going, you just knew it was meant to be.

Kailyn and Emme’s relationship. Much like everything in this story, Hunting did a perfect job of having Kailyn being that woman role model and a mom figure to Emme. Their dynamic tugged at your heart, and made you realize that maybe family isn’t the people you were born with, but the ones that come into your life when you need them the most. Which is what I believe the whole underlying theme of this story. AND DANG IT IF IT WASN’T SHOWN PERFECTLY IN THIS FRIENDSHIP RIGHT HERE!

Family dynamics. I am a sucker for a great family dynamic, and friend dynamic in a story, and this is exactly what I got. It didn’t matter if it was Daxton and Emme’s relationship or Emme’s relationship with Kailyn or Kailyn and her best friend. All of it really made the story come together and added so many more layers to it that wouldn’t have been there without this dynamic. But to be honest, Dax and Emme as siblings really just drew me in and I love them both so much.

Things I disliked:

Predictable. Okay maybe I was thrown way too into my feels way too fast, but were things that I felt were coming and did come. Aunt Linda being one of them, and the accident at the start. As much as it was predictable at some points, it didn’t bother as much cause the emotion was there to drive behind the predictability of the story.

Hate to Lovers. This one falls one me and somehow being overly attractive to this trope so much that every single romance novel I’ve read this far has had this trope in it. And I’m saying hate to lovers instead of enemies to lovers, cause it’s really just Kailyn being Kailyn and disliking Daxton for something that happened in law school. To be honest, it wasn’t even worth holding a grudge for five years in my opinion, but I digress.

In all fairness, I loved this book so much that trying to things that I disliked about it was really hard. I’m sure there are more that if I sat and thought on it for a month or two I could up with. But I did read this book in basically two and a half to three days, and that says something for someone who normally takes five to eight days to read a book.

It’s worth it.

Even if the title is Meet Cute (and it does have on btw) and is a little deeper than what you were expect, but still worth the read.

4 thoughts on “Meet Cute

  1. This is a great review Kath! I discovered this book a few days ago and been wanting to read it since. I’ll consider all your thoughts when reading this, and oh I really understand what you say about the hate to lovers thing! I’m a huge fan of enemies to lovers but ONLY when it is well justified. Stupid grudges or miscommunication issues in a book aren’t just for me😕


  2. Thank you! I think if you go into this book with kind of low expectations (sounds bad, I know) and not knowing a whole lot that you will enjoy it a lot more! I still think about this book and it’s been since August since I read it!


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