No Exit

TITLE: No Exit
AUTHOR: Taylor Adams
READ DATE: April 1, 2020 to April 3, 2020
RATING: ★★ // 2

I—I really don’t even know where to start with this review. If you saw my Instagram post on it then you know I feel, and I know this review won’t be long at all compared to others on my blogs. I let the hype from the end of last year surrounding this book totally play into my enjoyment, but then I also didn’t find it that enjoying either.


Things I loved:

The pacing. If there is one thing this book did right then it is with the pacing. From the start, it really felt like a real thriller and ever truly lagged in any places when it came to pacing. Which is the only thing I can say this book was good on.

Things I disliked:

Writing style. I don’t know if the author has any idea of how college teenage girls think…but it was cringe worthy in a lot of ways. I just didn’t mesh with the style or the way he wrote his characters. Nothing about it grabbed my attention and made me feel even an ounce of emotion for these characters. Basically, they just fell really flat and no growth overall.

Characters. Every single character annoyed the fire out of me. The main character, whose name I can’t even remember now, just kept making dumb mistake after dumb mistake leaving me more frustrated overall. The only character that totally didn’t annoy me (and seemed way older than she was supposed to be) was Jay. She just knew what was going on and everything. I don’t know…for a thriller…I thought the characters should be a little bit smarter and not so…childish.

I don’t have much to say about this book. I really did feel like I was reading a terrible Lifetime movie and it was never getting any better. That doesn’t mean it won’t be for you. I have a feeling if you read a lot of thrillers and know what you like then you might like it. It wasn’t for me. I also gave it an extra star compared to the one start that happened in my CAWPILE rating.

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