All The Stars and Teeth

TITLE: All The Stars and Teeth
AUTHOR: Adalyn Grace
READ DATE: April 1, 2020 to April 8, 2020
RATING: ★★★★ // 5

I’m not even going to sugarcoat it…I went into this book with no expectations at all. All I knew about this book was that it dealt with a princess, pirate, and the sea. Let me tell you that was possibly the best thing to know about this book. Some books are just totally better not knowing a whole lot about it, and this one of them.

This is also the first book I did the CAWPILE by Book Roast. This system has made it easier to rate books and feel like I’m giving an honest rating for them.

  • C(haracters): 10
  • A(tmospher): 9
  • W(riting): 8
  • P(lot): 8
  • I(ntrigue): 10
  • L(goic): 8
  • E(njoyment): 10
  • Rating: 9.00
  • Star Rating: 5 stars

Things I loved:

Characters: If there is one thing that Grace did right in this book was writing strong characters. Not once did I not feel an attachment to every single one. The main character, Amora, goes through possibly the best character growth I have read in a fantasy. From being someone who was kept out of the light of what her father was doing and believing that she is the best thing for the kingdom to realizing that everything was lie and that she is in fact the only thing that will keep kingdom together was fantastic to see. Bastian was great to see his growth, and Ferrick totally deserved better.

World Building. For a book mostly set at sea, the world building was phenomenal. While reading it really felt like I was immersed into the story and never once felt a lack of not being in a kingdom at sea. Which I was afraid of going into this and knowing what I did (about it being set at sea) and not really knowing how I would feel about it. But the world building is *chef’s kiss*.

The Banter: It was filled with banter and let me tell you….it was spot on. It was great to see so much banter between all the characters on the ship. I’m sure that is what helped make the whole story feel more real since the majority of the characters are between 19 and 25. I’m saying 25, cause of the mermaid (whose name I can’t spell to save my life and apparently google is letting me down right now) they pick up in the story.

Things I disliked:

Pacing.  Sometimes it felt as if I didn’t really know how many minutes/hours/days/weeks/months went by. It would be like one thing happened and that chapter ended and then boom the next chapter is somewhat dealing with what happened, but throwing us into a totally different act. The fight scenes seemed to go by way too fast and not as drawn out as they could’ve been. It was more as if the action was crammed packed and then nothing else.

The Ending. Okay, more like epilogue. I understand what Grace was trying to do with the whole epilogue and everything that happened to Amora throughout the story. But just know how she currently feels about Bastian after everything they went through almost brings back the previous Amora at the start of the story with her feelings with Ferrick. I don’t know, it would be nice to know that while that happened (it’s a spoiler and it’s a pretty dang good one that is found out in the epilogue. So, it’s not a total bust) she didn’t have to totally just think about Bastian like that.

Overall, it’s a must read and a book I’m still thinking about now.

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