Sorcery of Thorns

TITLE: Sorcery of Thorns
AUTHOR: Margaret Rogerson
READ DATE: April 9, 2020 to April 13, 2020
RATING: ★★★★ // 4

You ever finish a book and you’re just confused. Like you enjoyed it enough to give it a good rating, but your actual feelings of the book are all jumbled? That’s currently me (still me, almost a month later) about Sorcery of Thorns. Over the last couple of months, I’ve learned to read new releases a couple of months later when the hype isn’t still playing into the experience. Then sometimes the hype still does get to me. Anyways…

 CAWPILE Rating by Book Roast.

  • C(haracters): 10
  • A(tmospher): 7
  • W(riting): 6
  • P(lot): 7
  • I(ntrigue): 7.5
  • L(goic): 9
  • E(njoyment): 8.5
  • Rating: 7.96
  • Star Rating: 4 stars

Things I loved:

Silas: Yes, this character gets his own little review spot. Cause he was *chef’s kiss* perfect. He was everything that I thought he would be and more when I was hearing people talking about him in some of the reviews that I saw. I do agree that he is possibly the most strongest character in the whole book…which is sad cause we have Elisabeth and Nathaniel in this that are also just as good, but man…Silas just something about him that draws you in and you are rooting for him at the end. Plus, he has possibly the best character arc along side Elisabeth.

Slow Burn: Elisabeth and Nathaniel are utterly precious together! Honestly, I can’t see them as separate, but just belong to each other. With Elisabeth wanting to be in charge of libraries and Nathaniel being a sorcerer and just how they aren’t supposed to be together or even friends. The slow burn leading up to the moment is everything that you could want in a young adult novel and more. The amount of banter between them and the kind of feelings you could see leading up to them admitting that they actually cared about each other. Ugh, my heart.

Characters: Outside of Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas, the characters in this book totally brought the whole story to life. There wasn’t a single dull character in this book. I felt like every single character that had a name served a purpose in this story to move the plot along. Which is great to see in a fantasy (and in books overall) since sometimes random characters get named and then we never see them again. Even the little boy, who didn’t have a name, but still had so much to do with the plot was nice to see too. I just loved them all. Even the ones I hated (for obvious) reason, I still loved.

Things I disliked:

Pacing:  From about page 90 to until 300 felt slow and was so hard to push through. This was almost the moment I picked up the audiobook to help me power through it. It felt like it was about two or three books shoved together into one and I think that had a lot to do with it being only a standalone and not a series. I think that also played into the middle sluggish that was going on with it. Every time I thought it was the end, I would have 100 to 200 pages left in the book. There were also some scenes that could have been better fleshed out and given more than a chapter to really dive into the character dynamic outside of what we were given.

Writing Styles:  I really don’t think I mesh well with Rogerson’s writing style. But I also can’t say this until I give another one of her books a try. There was something about it that made hard for me to connect to everything, and it wasn’t the plot or characters, cause I would literally die for the characters. I think it was the way she wrote certain scenes that wasn’t dialogue that didn’t mesh with me at all.

Overall, if you are look for well-rounded characters in a fantasy and a standalone then totally pick it up.

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