Well Met

TITLE: Well Met
AUTHOR: Jen DeLuca
READ DATE: April 12, 2020 to April 16, 2020
RATING: ★★★★ ★// 5

I never realized how much I could love a book until this came along and swept me off my feet. And part of me wishes I was lying, but ya know…I’m not. Which says something considering I have a lot of books that make me feel this way. It’s just that this one rivals one of my favorite reads from last year for top spot and that alone says something.

CAWPILE by Book Roast.

  • C(haracters): 10
  • A(tmospher): 10
  • W(riting): 8
  • P(lot): 8
  • I(ntrigue): 9.5
  • L(goic): 8
  • E(njoyment): 10
  • Rating: 9.07
  • Star Rating: 5 stars

Things I loved:

Simon. Listen I really did not think that anyone could rival Jonah from The Simple Wild & Wild at Heart and then here comes Simon. Oh my heart! I will admit at first, I didn’t even think he would be the main love interest at all. There was something about the way DeLuca first wrote Simon that made you look over him and not really pay that much attention to him. But as the book went on, you started to find yourself (like Emily) falling for Simon. Plus, his past plays a lot into him and it still breaks my heart to think about it. And ugh…I want a Simon, please.

Characters. Outside of Simon being wonderful. I have to say this cast of characters was possibly some of my favorite to read. Emily, our main, reminded me so much of myself. And yes, at times that really did annoy me the point that I wanted to strangle her and then I realized “oh wait…it’s me.” Stacy and Mitch are some of the greatest book friends I have ever read and honestly, I want to be friends with them. April and Cait are the kind of family members you want in your life. The kind that know what your heart desires, even if you want to ignore it, and still try to do what is best for you.

The Banter: It is very much your typical enemies to lovers story, but done with a twist. Let me tell you, this twist is what made it so much more fun to read. You have Emma, the tavern wrench, and Captain Blackthorn, the pirate, going at each other and flirting and it’s just so freaking cute. Also makes you realize just how much of a hopeless romantic they both are. But then you turn around and you have Emily and Simon going at each other like nothing has ever happened between them at the faire. There is also great banter between Emily and Mitch and Emily and her sister, April as well. There were a good handful of moments that I was legit laughing out loud at the book and then turning around trying not cry.

Things I disliked:

Pacing.  This really didn’t bother me until around the 80% to 92% mark of the book. What happened, I felt like this could’ve been added earlier on or more would’ve been needed at the end of the book to make it feel like it wasn’t as rushed. It was like all of sudden I got smacked with another conflict I wasn’t ready for (and while it did not ruin the book or knock a star off), I still wish it would’ve come sooner or there was more time to really resolve it then having it thrown in our face and fixed in a couple of pages.

More of Simon and Emily.  I know the whole point was to have Emma and Captain Blackthorn as Simon and Emily flirting. But at the same time, I would’ve loved to see them outside of the faire and hanging out more. I think it would’ve allowed some readers to better understand them than just their characters that they are playing. Even though, I feel like being Captain Blackthorn is the only way Simon felt comfortable flirting and talking to Emily. But still, it would’ve been nice. Maybe in the next book we will get more?

Lack of Communication. Most of Emily’s problems could’ve been solved if she would have spoken up for herself or what was on her mind. Instead, she sat on things and let things blow up inside of her before spilling out. I know that is part of her character growth and I see that. But at the same time it was slightly annoying to see her try to change and then go back to how she was and then not communicate at all after she said she would. I don’t know….I think that also played into the last 20% of the book and that’s probably why I was also a little annoyed.

If you haven’t read it and are looking for a good romance, I highly suggest it!

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