Fun & Easy Reads When Everything is Falling Apart

Much like everyone else during hard times. I tend to gravitate towards something that will not only allow my mind to forget about everything that is going on; but it makes me feel as if I’m somewhere else for the time being while I’m reading it. Today, I’m going to be share some of my favorite books that are easy to get into and make you forget everything that is going on around you!

The Cursebreaker Series (A Curse So Dark and Lonely & A Heart So Fierce and Broken)

All In Series (A Lie for A Lie & A Favor for A Favor)

All the Stars and Teeth

The Poet X

Tweet Cute

One of Us is Lying

The Simple Wild & Wild at Heart

The Unhoneymooners

Well Met

There is a mixture of romance, fantasy, new adult/adult, and young adult; but the main things all these books have in common is that once you start reading them there is no way you will want to put them down. Each one has a different aspect that allows you to lose yourself in their world. The Cursebreaker Series and All the Stars and Teeth have the kind of world building that you wish you were there with the main characters experiencing what they were. The Poet X is gripping enough to sweep you until you finish it and learn the same life lessons that X did. One of Us is Lying is a young adult mystery/thriller that will keep you on your toes until the end. All in Series, The Unhoneymooners, and Well Met give you the romance you never knew you were craving, while also making you fall in with the characters. Tweet Cute is the cute and cheesy young adult contemporary that you can’t stop smiling about. The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart gives you a classic enemies to lovers story, but you find yourself crying at the end due to everything else that is going on around them.

2 thoughts on “Fun & Easy Reads When Everything is Falling Apart

    1. I finished The Poet X last week and it is so good! I highly recommend any of them on this list since it seems we have similar taste!


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